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As the body heals soul the soul heal the body


We are very complicated beings. Everything in

us is intertwined and interconnected. Our mental and physical health, our soul and body are interdependent, and if we want to improve our health we need to approach it in a holistic way.

What is Reiki


A healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient's body and restore physical and emotional well-being.

What to expect

Profound pleasant experience; deep mental and physical relaxation; you may experience spontaneous emotional release - old, tacked in, negative emotions may finally leave your body; you may experience spontaneous memory flashes of past lives. You may expect to feel relaxed, rested, peaceful, and more harmonious after the session.

Hello, my name is Guzalia Davis. I am a Certified Reiki Master. In my practice, I integrate the best techniques from different healing modalities.  I do scanning and repairing of your electromagnetic field (aura), cutting energetic cords, clearing energy channels, attuning chakras...My job is to help you heal and become more whole.


Phone: 443 484 8884


10630 Little Patuxent Parkway

Suite 210 (second floor)

Integrative Family Medicine Suite

Columbia, MD 21044


Monday  9am - 5pm

Tuesday  9am - 5pm

Wednesday  9am - 5pm

Thursday  9am - 5pm

Friday  9am - 5pm




I incorporate crystals and aromatherapy in my sessions. Please let me know ahead if you have any allergies, so I will omit the use of essential oils.

As a bonus, each client receives hypnosis audio recordings to support your healing journey at home.